Nothing tells the story of an emerging ecclesiastical oxymoron today perhaps better than the image of a Reverend Father with a loaded rifle, much more ruthless AK-47, slung on his shoulder ostensibly while conducting a church service (pictured above), flanked by a company of soldiers in battle fatigue.






Anytime I hear men of God pray for the death of our “enemies” with shouts of “they will die!” I shiver. As if that is not enough, the resounding sound of Amen from the congregation results in aftershocks with higher magnitude. I am thus left wondering, is Christianity in Africa the biggest conspiracy against Christ?

Last year, after the passage of the Kaduna State religion regulation bill, one “Apostle,” Johnson Suleiman, made the famous dishonorable prayer-prophesy that Governor Nasir El-Rufai would die in 4 days. Not surprisingly, many “Christians” with little or no grasp of the teachings of Christ came out with a resounding support. Even with valid questions and concerns about the intent of the bill, I was dumbfounded that an “apostle” of Christ and Christians should openly celebrate a prayer that calls for death of an “enemy”. Would Christ have prayed for El-Rufai to die? Would He have rebuked the congregation for shouting Amen in unionism to such a prayer?

Think about this, slowly: You go to church and pray with your pastors and Bishops for all your “enemies” including Christian brothers and sisters to die; you pray for your uncles and relatives in the village to die after putting the label of “witch” on them; you derive joy in praying to God to kill; then some conflict between “enemies” in Southern Kaduna and elsewhere results in deaths; you come back and call for the death of people who have assumed the role of God to take care of their “enemies”.  Wahalah! Which one be your own sef? Must we settle every conflict by killing?

Following the recent Southern Kaduna madness, “Apostle” Johnson Suleiman is now calling on his congregation to pick up arms and kill Fulani herdsmen from his “altar of God”.  He must have suddenly realized (after years of reading his Bible upside down) that my God is not interested in “killing” his “enemies”. This is coming after Bishop Oyedepo was also caught red-handed encouraging his followers to also kill their “enemies”. What is Christianity turning to? You pray to God to kill your “enemies” as if you are not someone’s enemy. Which prayer will God hear when someone prays for God to kill you too? Who can prove based on the teachings of Christ (I will re-emphasize, teachings of Christ) that we are free to pray for the death of our enemies?

I do not intend this to be a long piece or a sermon. If you are a Christian, I will urge you to discover the answer to this provocative question by picking up your Bible and reading about the teachings of Christ in the Gospels. To make it easier for you, look for those Bible versions that specifically highlighted the direct quotes from Christ. It’s better to read these verses and discover the real teachings of Christ yourself.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is: Famous. Impressive. Fascinating. Inspiring. All the commandments – you shall not commit adultery, you shall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not covet, and so on – are summed up in this single command: You must love your neighbor as yourself.” – Jesus Christ

The big question is: Who is your neighbor? What does it mean to love your neighbor? In the present Nigerian context: Who is your neighbor? Are your neighbors only the supporters of APC or PDP? Are they only the sympathizers of Muhammadu Buhari or Goodluck Jonathan? Do you love only your Hausa, Yoruba, or Igbo brothers and sisters? What if what we think is the “goodness” in us (our love for our neighbors) is aiding and promoting the vicious circle of violence in the country?

So, who really is your neighbor? Let me go back to Jesus Christ for the answer: “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” Jesus Christ. So as a good neighbor, we should love ALL.

It is true that we should not sit down and watch ourselves be slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen. But to encourage barbarism and incite violence is not of my God. I don’t know about yours. What I know is that our actions and inactions as well as the fantasies and fallacies we spread on social media do not reflect the qualities of a good neighbor as defined by Christ. We must therefore begin to accept that as individuals, we are part of the bigger Nigerian problem.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” remains: Famous. Impressive. Fascinating. Inspiring. You can accept or challenge it. And you can decide whether you will follow it in your own life. But don’t change what it means.

No one should use the name of my God to promote violence and cacophony across Nigeria. Most of us do not have private jets to jump into and bail out when katakata starts across the country. If these religious leaders truly care about peace and want to show love to their neighbors as directed by God, they should use the enormous wealth and resources in their ministries to champion inter-faith and inter-ethnic reconciliation across Nigeria.

If God sent these men of God as His apostles, then they should set up foundations dedicated to intervening and reconciling different communities across Nigeria. In addition to amassing wealth and building private business empires, these bishops should establish foundations to help the poverty stricken people of the continent. That is the kind of message I want them to pray for and receive from God. That is what people who are blessed by God with wealth do in a developed world. They look for the most critical issues in their community and commit their wealth to providing solutions.

Does that mean there won’t be conflicts and unwanted killings? No. It simply means that we should be prepared to resolve conflicts that arise between neighbors. So, irrespective of the cause of the conflict in Southern Kaduna and anywhere in Nigeria, our responsibility as neighbors is to find a workable solution.  That’s what governance and responsibility is.

I have to point out that conflict resolution is not meant to be a replacement for the established judicial system. We should therefore prevail on authorities to prosecute everyone responsible for those barbaric killings. That’s how to stop such from happening in the future.

I have good news for all Nigerians, though; God has no business in killing and has never thought of “breaking up Nigeria”, so forget it. Shouting Amen (to a prayer for Nigeria’s break up) from today till tomorrow will not change God’s thought about Nigeria. I don’t need your Amen to know that God has a different plan for Nigeria. God’s plan is for peace and not violence; long life and not lives cut short.

Source: “Apostle” Johnson Suleiman: Please Leave My God Out Of Your “Killing Business” By Churchill Okonkwo | Sahara Reporters



The emerging trends of events in The Redeemed Christian Church of God in the past 24 hours, is beginning to give cause for serious concern.

Very recently, elections were held in The Gambia and the opposition was declared the winner. The incumbent President called to congratulate the winner and conceded defeat. But before the President-elect could be sworn in, President Jamel recanted and has now thrown the West African nation into crisis.

On Saturday, January 7, 2017, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, told all ministers gathered at the Annual Ministers Conference, that the Church now has a new General Overseer, but before the end of the day, information emerged that Pastor Adeboye had only stepped down as General Overseer for Nigeria and would still continue to function as General Overseer of RCCG Worldwide.

When it was pointed out that the Constitution of RCCG does not recognize that title, then we were informed that Pastor Adeboye will now be known as Global Missioner and Spiritual Leader of the Church. When the illegality of that title was revealed, then we have now been told that Pastor Adeboye will now retain his title as General Overseer, while Pastor Obayemi is National Overseer.

I have taken the pains to check the Constitution of the church and I can see signs of some confusion brewing, if not carefully handled.

In all my time that I’ve known Pastor Adeboye, integrity has been his watchword and the trends emerging from the inconsistent pronouncements from the church since yesterday, do not support the personality of our dear Daddy GO, and he himself has to act quickly to douse the tension being generated.

From a church of just about 40 parishes in 1981 when Pastor Adeboye took over as General Overseer, the RCCG is now present in about 192 countries all over the world. RCCG has become one of the most influential churches worldwide and we cannot afford to give the impression that Daddy GO is unwilling to retire or hand over to somebody else. That is certainly not the Pastor Adeboye that we all know.

In his succession plan, Pastor Adeboye has done what no pastor has done before and he should follow it through and mentor the people that God has led him to chose as his successors.

We his followers are pained with the development but as things are now, there is little we can do about it.

The Codes of the Financial Reporting Council are not new. They were implemented seamlessly for Banks when their Managing Directors who had been in office for ten years were asked to hand over. This has now been extended to non-profit organizations like churches and there is nothing strange about this.

These codes were contested at the Federal High Court and the court decided against us. They are meant to achieve transparency in these organizations.
I therefore humbly appeal to Daddy GO to follow through his plan and avoid the temptations of The Gambia.

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa
Lekki, Lagos.


Source: Did Pastor Adeboye Just Play The Redeemed Christian Church of God Members The Way Yahya Jammeh Played Gambians? | Sahara Reporters


Popular Lagos pastor, Tom Samson , who is known for his flamboyant style and his customized Hummer limousine to make a grand entrance into a church in Abeokuta, Ogun state where he went to preach recently.

Source: Pastor Tom Samson & His Hummer Limousine Storm Abeokuta –


*Principal suspect, Pastor Mike Ola Bakare who administered liquid concoction after collecting N130,000 from victim is on the run

*Pastor Bakare sent my wife, a member of his church to buy snake head and tail—Landlord

Operatives of the Lagos State Police Command attached to Ajangbadi Police Division have arrested two suspects, a 37 year old Pastor and 37 year old female Pastor over the death of a 27 year old Chinedu Chukwudi who was said to have gone to Jesus Solution Ministry at Santana Bus Stop, Ajangbadi area of the State for deliverance where she met her untimely death.

A security source who spoke exclusively to Vanguard on condition of anonymity said: “On the 13th of November, 2016, Confidence Chukwudi, the elder sister to the deceased reported to the police that on the 12th of November, 2016, her younger sister, Chiwendu Chukwudi aged 27 years went to Jesus Solution Ministry for deliverance where the Pastor, now at large allegedly collected the sum of N130,000.00 from her, after which he administered a liquid substance on her and she started vomiting.

According to the source, the pastor allegedly “kept her in the church premises throughout the day until she became unconscious before she was taken to hospital in Okokomaiko where she was confirmed dead.”

The source further revealed to Saturday Vanguard that, when security operatives stormed the scene of the incident, the unidentified liquid substance and some charms, were recovered in the church during the search before taking her corpse to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, Ikeja for autopsy.

How I met Pastor Bakare – Landlord
When Vanguard visited the church in an uncompleted building, it was discovered that all the doors and windows were sealed up with planks by the landlord, Mr Charles Gomah who said he was a Clearing and Forwarding Agent and an indigene of Plateau State.

Contacted for comment, Gomah said: “One day, a man came to me and said his name is Prophet Mike Ola Bakare and that, he would like to use my warehouse for a five-day crusade and I said okay, even if he doesn’t have money since he was speaking Hausa let him use it.

“You know those of us from the Northern part of Nigeria living in the South here, when you hear somebody speaking your language you just take him or her as a family member. I later learnt he is from Ilesa but he claimed he was from Kaduna State and was speaking Hausa. I then told him that, I couldn’t charge him for the warehouse, so he started using the place. After the five days crusade, when I came back from work one day, I saw different structures and electrical wiring and I confronted him that it was no longer a five day issue. He then said that he had issues where he was staying before in Ibafo and wanted to stay at the warehouse for a while. When I told him that this place you are staying is a family house, it does not even belong to me directly, so you have to pay money and he said okay he would pay. Then he paid me N120, 000, 00 for one year. “After he did the crusade, he was no longer frequent in the house and when I asked one of his members if the pastor had got another house, I was told that he was staying in a hotel.

“One day, I told one of his boys, who was his assistant to keep the place tidy but the boy broke a bottle and wanted to hit me, I then quickly picked up a cutlass but I did not strike him. When the pastor came back and I reported to him, instead of reprimanding the boy, he went and invited the police to harass me. But when I narrated the story to the police at Bale police station, I was advised to stay away from them.

He once threatened me with madness—Gomah
“One night he went to number 15 on this street with his boys armed with cutlasses to fight somebody there and I said you call yourself a man of God, why all these? But he said he has money, and I told him that when his rent expired I would not collect from him again but he rather threatened me with madness amongst others. When he approached me that his rent just expired, I told him I don’t want him here again and would give him a quit notice I had already told my lawyer.

Prophet Bakare jump through the window and escaped
“One Sunday morning between 8:00 am and 10: 00 am, I saw him making a call with one man in handcuff, whom I suspected to be a policeman so, I left them to go and buy something. When I came back, I did not see him and those men there. It was later when I was about to sleep that policemen came and started arresting people. I learnt that Prophet Bakare jumped through the window and escaped through the back abandoning his members. I did not know whether he was married or not or kept his wife elsewhere. I did not know his family. When I went outside to see what was happening, I was arrested. I stayed in the station from Sunday till Wednesday evening before I was granted bail from the police station.

He once sent my wife to buy snake head and tail for him- Lanlord

“There was a time he sent my wife who was a member of his church to help him buy snake head and tail and I told my wife that such errand is dangerous and that people using snake head and tails are herbalists. She insisted that the man was a pastor but I warned her that they may even turn it on her head.

“To me, I cannot say he was truly healing people. The thing looks like a drama. Sometimes I would see different kind of people and some mad people he claimed to have healed coming here. Before, people used to come with cars but of recent before that incident happened, people had stopped coming. It was as if they knew that the prophet was not a genuine man of God and many of them stopped coming.

Worshipers were singing praises and worship while there was corpse in the pastor’s office
Concerning the incident that happened that led to the arrest of the members, he said: “Actually, the victim I learnt was not worshipping there but her elder sister who brought her was worshipping there. I am not sure what brought her there but I believed it must be for miracle, because she was said to have paid a huge amount of money like N130, 000. When the girl died he allegedly took her to the hospital where it was confirmed that she died before he brought her back to the church.

“He dumped the corpse inside his office in the church; I did not know what his next agenda for that corpse was. Because when the corpse was inside the church that Sunday morning, people were coming for service and were singing praises and worshipping while there was corpse in the pastor’s office and members were not aware except his close workers who knew what was happening. The deceased elder sister was also aware.

“I believed it was the elder brother of the deceased who went and called the police because they were together with the pastor. The elder sister was the one who brought her two siblings, the brother and his deceased sister. I am not their member, all these things I am telling you are the stories I heard later on.”

How my wife and five children left me because of Pastor Bakare
When he first came, my wife was very close to him. She went on evangelism with him and I warned her because she believed so much in him. At a point, she stopped washing my clothes but was washing Pastor Bakare’s clothes, she also stopped serving me food but was doing all these for the prophet.

“When she had issues with the man of God and he reported her to me, I asked her have you been sleeping with Pastor Bakare? She then became sober, she thought somebody had told me of their secret romance which I was so much sure of. Since that day, she decided to leave my house with my five children.” He explained.

She went for deliverance from painful menstruation— Victim’s sister

Meanwhile, in a telephone interview with Vanguard, the elder sister of the deceased, Confi-dence Chukwudi narrated her story. She said: “I went to see Pastor Bakare with my younger sister who was having painful menstruation for deliverance on Saturday evening and he gave her something to drink and she drank it.”

When we got home, she started vomiting and complaining of cough and requested for Tomtom which I provided for her but, the situation became worse. I then decided to take her to the hospital but unfortunately, she died on the way.

“I now called Pastor Bakare and told him that I did not understand what he gave to my sister, and that my sister was dead. He rushed to the hospital and took us and my late sister’s corpse in his car to the church that Sunday morning. I just asked him to wake up my sister because I don’t know what he gave to her.

I thought his prayer could raise my dead sister back to life- Victim’s Sister
“I thought his prayer could work. My sister died after 9: am on Sunday, meanwhile we had gone to see the Pastor on Saturday evening when he administered the liquid substance on her. When we got to the church that morning, the service had already started so we went straight to his office with my sister’s corpse and stated praying.

“As the prayers were going on and I did not see my sister waking up, the police officer who came with us said we had to go back to the station to make a formal statement. Myself and the officer left for the station before we came back to the church with police patrol van to affect his arrest, he had already fled. Meanwhile two of his pastors were arrested.

The arrested pastors were not aware of what pastor Bakare did
“The truth is that, those two pastors were not there when Pastor Bakare gave that concoction to my sister, they only came to church that Sunday morning so they were not aware of those things. I do not know whether they have been released on bail or not because since they buried my sister, I am still in my village in the East.
I would have been killed by mob if I had not escaped-Pastor Bakare

“After the incident I went to the Police station with my brother to discuss with the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, and while we were there, Pastor Bakare called me that he wanted to talk to my brother and I gave him the phone.

“According to my brother, he was pleading with him that he did not intend to kill my sister and that, he did not know the cause of my sister’s death. My brother now asked him why he ran and did not stay to defend himself and he replied that, the residents of that area would have killed him if he had not ran away.

“Up till now he had not told us the kind of drugs he gave to my sister. I then collected the phone and told him that I don’t have time to fight him because if I start, nobody would stand by me but what I know is that, if he was responsible for my sister’s death, this will be the end of his life and he will never have peace. Then he said, he never expected that from me and how could I have said such a thing. He said as he was no longer running his ministry his life has been shattered.