“I don’t want a Relationship…Let’s Just ‘Chill’”…Here’s the Truth About Statements Like that…

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“I don’t want a Relationship…Let’s Just ‘Chill’…”

Man, if I could count the number of times I heard a guy tell me a statement like that. We would like each other, have sex, and I would hope he would desire a relationship with me. Of course, it never worked out this way.

Like so many others, I desired the comfort of a relationship, but because I wasn’t going about it God’s way, it never worked out. The world’s way of relationships is to have sex, then get to know each other, chill (hanging out with no purpose or no intention to marry), and maybe somewhere down the line get into a relationship. God’s way of a relationship is the complete opposite.

When you are in a Godly relationship, you aren’t just dating just to date. You realize your time is worth more than just getting a free meal…

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