TB Joshua loves Boko Haram

TB Joshua Watch

TB Joshua is as happy as a kid in a candy store right now. As Boko Haram commits deplorable act after deplorable act as a way of drawing attention to their ideology, TB Joshua piggy backs on these deplorable acts in order to draw attention to himself (let’s face it, TB Joshua’s ideology is TB Joshua).

Look at the following list of shocking exploitation of this national tragedy.

  1. Setting up an obviously fake stunt* where a “Boko Haram member who has come to bomb SCOAN” gets delivered by TB Joshua.
  2. Exploiting the 14th April Abuja bombing by claiming he predicted it, editing out the part in the original video where he claims it will happen before the middle of December 2013.
  3. Marketing his blasphemous anointed water in the aftermath of the bombing (a man confidently reads from a script testifying how his car was blown up in the bomb killing all except…

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