ADDITIONAL FUNNY PROPHECIES FOR 2014A.Okay. Everybody giving 2014 prophecy and you think I will be left out? Helllllllll nooooooooo!!! angry
High Chief Daddy Sweetus Prophecy for 2014. 100% Accurate like bullet from actors gun! angry If anyone did nut happen call me bastard. angry
1. Rain will fall.
2. Sun will shine.
3. Super Eagles will play in World Cup this year.
4. Some people will die. cry
5. Lots of Sëx will be had this year! (A LOT I’m telling you)
6. Haters will hate.
7. Many girls will do abortion.
8. November will come IMMEDIATELY after October so please prepare.
9. Dangote will make money.
10. Car manufacturers will release new cars that you can’t afford.
11. Your Bank & Service provider will collaborate to be sending you useless SMS. Pray that God should punish them!! angry
12. ASUU.. Hmmmmm!! I see an unclear vision. I don’t know if it is…

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